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I was referred to Steele Environmental Services, while having my carpets cleaned, when I mentioned an issue with a leak under a sink that had gone unnoticed for a sometime. At first, I didn’t think it was much of a problem. But wanting to ensure a happy healthy house I contacted Dan. My, what a world I was introduced to!! His information, testing and experience helped me not only locate and correct the issue I was aware of, but found other areas of concern, as well as the impact on my health. Dan and his crew were thorough and professional in every regard. On time, on budget and very active in keeping me updated and informed. Clearly Dan and the crew at Steele Environmental Services were the right people for the job!!!

M. Bailey

In July 2021, we discovered a rodent infestation in our attic. We hired Steele Environmental Services to perform rodent feces decontamination. Dan Steele met with us to review the project. He provided a thorough analysis including a step-by-step explanation of the process he would be performing. Dan coordinated with our insulation contractor to ensure that the work was done in tandem with insulation removal. On the day Dan performed the decontamination, he utilized HEPA filtration equipment to ensure that any dust that may contain Hantavirus would be captured and removed from the premises. We found Dan to be extremely professional, knowledgeable and conscientious, which made us feel very comfortable with him entering our home and performing the work. This included paying attention to issues around the rise of the Covid-19 Delta variant that was occurring at that time.

We are extremely pleased with the work performed by Dan and his team and would highly recommend Steele Environmental Services for decontamination work.

Sharon and Sandi
Homeowner, Calaveras County Resident

I own property in Calaveras County with a home on it. As homes go things happen and I’m the type of person that wants to err on the side of looking at all the potentials to avoid additional issues down the road. We had a small flood in the downstairs laundry room, and I wanted to be sure there was no mold or contamination related to the flood. Dan, from Steele Environmental Services, came out and did a full analysis in the area that was flooded as well as a comparative analysis of the outside air to ensure we had a solid base line. The air samples were sent to the lab and results returned to me in less than a week.

Of course, I was hoping for a clean result, and it was, so I was very happy about that! However, even if the result had revealed that there was contamination or mold, I would still have been very impressed with all the efforts and professionalism from Dan. Dan knows his stuff and took all the time I needed to help me understand what was taking place every step of the way.
If you need any type of testing done related to Dan’s services and expertise, I’d get in touch with Dan. You cannot go wrong!!
Thanks for all the help, Dan!


I am a real estate agent in Amador County. There are occasions when a home is being inspected and mold is discovered. I’ve always had to go out of the county to find a mold inspector until one of my clients found Steele Environmental. Dan is very knowledgeable in this field and explains the process and results in detail which helps the buyers/sellers/agents involved understand the material. Both times I have used Dan, he provided me with a written estimate for the remediation and did exactly what he said he would do. There were no surprises. Dan would send me pictures and text messages during the process to keep me up to date. One time an inspector discovered some mold during repairs, and Dan responded within an hour to take care of the problem. Both times, all parties involved were happy and satisfied with the work that was done. I enjoy working with and supporting local inspectors. Dan is very professional, and I’m excited to have him on my team of experts!

Jenny P.
Village Real Estate. Sutter Creek

Dan from Steele Environmental Services went above and beyond in doing his job and helping us with our mold issue in our home. He was always professional, on time, very knowledgeable and fair in his prices. We would not hesitate to recommend him and his company.

Amador County Resident
Amador County Resident